I have been in a job I hate for the past almost 13 years. I only took the job because he all but demanded I take it when I was laid off from my previous job. I had only been out of work for 2 weeks and it was the 1st job offered to me. Yet in the 3 times he has been laid off he has turned down several jobs. The shortest time he was off of work was 6 months. The last time he was off for more than 3 years.

I had a job interview scheduled today for a great opportunity. 1st thing this morning he accused me of not valuing our marriage because we would no longer be able to have lunch together. I ended up cancelling the interview. He knew about this for more than a week and said nothing until now.

I work 40+ hrs a week at a stressful job with no insurance, 401k or other benefits. He bitches non-stop about the cost of having me on his insurance. But I am a "thoughtless bitch" for trying to fix it.

My Husband sucks
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