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Hello, I'm just about 32 years old, my husband of almost 3 years (6 dating). We have 2 small kids together and I have a daughter from a previous relationship. We've had our ups and downs, I had a gambling phase a couple years ago and pawned my wedding room that I had to almost beg just to get. I've never cheated on him I don't believe in it becuz it ruined my child hood. I've caught him trying to meet up with other girl over text message once but he didn't go thru with it. He's put his hands on me in front of our young kids to which I almost divorced him. It's been sometime since all that, he's never really trusted me with cheating or anything really. Always has issues if I ask to do anything or go anywhere. All he wants is sex or to get off In any way, I feel he'd be this way with anyone he had the chance to, not just cuz were married and he's only attracted to me cuz the rest of the time he's taking his work out on me, verbally abusing me cuz everything I say or do or ask is a problem or starts a fight. He doesn't listen when I try and tell him how I feel he right away gets defensive and thinks I'm blaming him. I am his first real relationship, he wanted to me to quit working to stay home with our kids, now he gets to control everything cuz he's paying the bills. He's the meanest person as far as not thinking before he speaks. He never shows any appreciation for what I do everyday as a housewife and mother of 3. He always needs or wants me to do things for him like rub his legs, his feet... And gets mad when I don't. I feel like I'm only staying cuz I have no where else to go. He doesn't make me happy anymore and I don't think he cares cuz all he ever says is how much I don't please him or try to. I don't know what to do anymore. I've almost given up and counseling would be a joke to him. All he ever wants to get off then when that happens he's nice for a day then he's back sticking his dick in my face (literally) thinking it's funny. He's not even nice to me most the time he birches about everything, if I'm in another room or not In his view he's yelling for me asking me what I'm doing? Am I gonna do that all night. He's never actually sincere about anything. He controls all the money gives me $20 a day for me and 3 kids and expects me to get something we need for the house. With $20!! He has no respect for me, as a wife as mother as a human being. Everything has to be his wAy he has made me hate him
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