When I told my husband that I will miss my maiden name and I am having a hard time transitioning to my new name he said he wanted a divorce. He said it was a slap in the face and that I didn't know what love was. He said he would not have hyphenated kids. He said that he's proud of his name and that I should be proud to be my new last name. I miss my maiden name. Then he said that he wouldn't go with me when I'm called back at the doctors office if they call me by anything other than his name. Then he said that he didn't care anymore and I did that to him and he doesn't care what name I go by anymore. He said that ill poison my daughters minds with those ideas. He said that if he knew I felt this way then he wouldn't have married me or kept dating me. He said he would already be gone. So I went through with the name change and now I'm resentful. I thought I would get over it and forget but I can't. His attitude toward my feelings is making this transition hard and lonely.

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