He's the dumbest person i think I've ever met! i stay with him because I'm not raising our son as single parent, been there and done that with my 2 older girls, contrary to what counselors say, i honestly think it is better for our son. He's not abusive but we do not communicate at all like human beings, either he snaps at me or i snap at him . sometimes i just want to punch his f@$#king face in but he's such a sissy. He never stands up for himself and he mimicks everything i say, his brain would explode if he came up with one intelligent thought. Hes selfish and if he did anything nice for anyone he would again explode. He has no friends, not 1. He doesnt finish his sentences which again verify that he is retarded, and again piss me off to the point i could throat punch him.My brain is stagnated with him, there is no food for thought, no ideas, no discussion,just boring him. If i was a hillbily with 1 tooth that still mught be too good for him! Still hoping he catches on one day!!!!

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