My husband is a Narcissist. He thinks the world revolves around him, that he is the smartest person in the world, and that he is always right. He is always mad about something and always blames me. Like if he had to work late, it's MY fault! He won't take compliments or sympathy; becomes extremely angry if you make a suggestion, etc. He hurt his back working in the garage a couple of weeks ago. I could tell it was bad because I have bad back problems. He refused to go to the emergency room or the doctor. Any help, suggestions, etc advice from someone with experience where roughly rejected. So now he sits around drinking on the weekend not fixing the car because of his back, but at the same time saying "its not an emergency and I don't need a doctor, but then uses this excuse to take my car to commute to work and leaves me to drive his huge old pickup truck around town which is difficult for me cuz I have always driven small cars. The car he is not fixing is his commuter car.

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