Been married for 23 years to a narcissistic, self absorbed man. I had a child when I met him whose father died when he was 2, as I look back, I should have given myself more time to recover and discover myself before dating my now husband. The signs of selfishness were always there and it's sad that I've wasted all those years. I'm 44 now, kids are grown and I'm ready to reclaim my life. On the outside my husband is attractive and "talks a good talk" people think he's a family person but it's all show. He goes to the gym constantly but his she'll looks good but the inner him is ugly. I've been with him through drug addiction, evictions,he did 5yrs in jail, never kept steady employment and he's so unappreciative and disrespectful. I encourage you all to stop tolerating disrespect for the sake of. Not being alone. The happiest time of my adult life was when he spent 5 years in prison.

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