My husband was a different person until the NIGHT before our wedding. He had a breakdown resulting in kicking in the cabinets, screaming at me and smearing blood all over the kitchen. That was the first of many breakdowns and screaming episodes, often ending in breaking my/his things. He is a truly ugly person who means ill towards everyone, especially his 'friends'. He loves hearing about other's poor fortune, he revels in it. He recently said over dinner that his ex-girlfriend "has to pay". Our friend came over tonight for dinner, and is having boyfriend problems. After shouting over everyone else at the table his almighty opinions, I contradicted something he said and he responded by pouring several bottles of wine down the sink then storming off. Later he boasted about how every ex-girlfriend of his wants his cock. Our 18 month old daughter is going to grow up with an abusive, disturbed, evil father.

Dec 6, 2014
08:27 PM

I would get the heck out of that marriage. It does not matter if you have a child together. You are doing more harm to your daughter by staying in the marriage. If she grows up seeing this type of behavior, she might think that all men are like her daddy and she will settle for a man like her daddy someday because her mommy did. Your husband needs personal counseling. He sounds to me to be VERY immature and who needs to grow up. Everyone can have a matter of opinion and should not be judged or yelled at for speaking his/her opinion for it. Good luck to you girl and stay safe!!!

Apr 6, 2015
05:28 PM

I agree with Jessica and that's what I'm going to do, too. These guys are not going to change and they are only going to ruin our lives. We need to get out before we go nuts!!

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