I love my husband but love is sooooo not enough to continue tolerating the disrespect his family shows my kids and I over the past 12 years. My husband was vivacious and successful and very confidant when we met. He worked his way up the ladder to Regional office for Pinkertons, can you blame him..lol He inspired me to open my own company right after we married however I have learned over the years my ambition and determination as well as the free spirit once desired has intimidated him and for long long time I was to blame for the problems we had. My once bold & self respecting hubby who had no issues before we married or when we got back together 5 years ago, telling ANYBODY what he felt now for some (*&(& reason blames me for his being passive aggressiveness and I've had enough!!! I just wanna pop his head like a pimple sometimes!!! and his evil mom's head too!!! bwahahahahaha

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