Long story made short. My husband suffered a aortic dissection a month ago. Life has been hell.. He is 43 and I am 36. Because of his incident I am no longer able to have a life. I am rushed when I leave the house. I cook 21 meals a damn week. I do all of the cleaning and school requirements for our boys whom are 7 and 10. They aren't even allowed to have a good time anymore. I hate what everything has become. I can't workout I can't drink I can't listen to music. I'm expected to sit on the couch for hours watching movies. I can't take it anymore. He can't even keep track of his own meds. I miss my life. I miss being apart of life. I feel like I've been stuffed in the closet because of his issue.. I'm starting to pull away from him because he is smothering me. :(

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