I have been with my 2nd husband for 22 years (Married 20 years).

He is a sexual person (That I love) but I am so damn bored of him. for 22 years it has been the same old shit over and over again. I have a really hard time bringing myself to even have sex with him. He wants Thigh Highs, opened toed shoes and nothing else. Its like he wants me to wear them because he is afraid to do it himself. He refuses to have sex with me if I don't wear them. On top of that he has a girlfriend and he treats me like his personal whore. I have to have sex with him or he with-holds food, clothing and whatever else he can. I even have to pay for other people when they want something from him (including his own friends).
As for family...I am not family. I come very last. I come so last that the dog shit on the roadside has more rights than me. If I could get out of this situation and have away to make my own living I would be gone. when I had a job he took the money for himself. Its not easy to leave.

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