My husband is just a dick! I hate him so much. He is always trying to put me down all the time just because I dont have a job right now. But lets not forget to mention how i was supporting his ass after he got out of the army and didnt want to get a job for over a year. Well, long story short, we are now divorcing. And he thinks that he should get our daughter every other holiday. Uhm, i dont think i will allow that. Especially with his drinking habits. He goes over to his mothers house everyday that he can and gets drunk off his ass. ANd im supposed to allow that? Nope! You can sit your lil happy ass down there, you and your mother both, yall can get drunk all you want. But my daughter WILL NOT be involved with you drunk ass idiots. I will not ruin her life like that. Got a problem with that? I suggest you get a better job so you can get a better fucked up lawyer!!! But it wont do you any good. They wont take her away from her mother, stupid ass!

Jan 19, 2013
04:23 PM

how can i speak my mind and be respectful to these balless guys. If they had any they would treat women respectfully.

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